Alex SeifertBA, PFP

Associate Advisor
Alexander Seifert started his career in Financial Services almost immediately after graduating from the University of Alberta in 2014. From his time at one of the major banks to joining the Fox Financial team in late 2017, he has quickly built a wide breadth of experience in financial advice.
From mortgages and large-scale lending to investment management and portfolio discussion, Alexander has always focused on fostering strong partnerships with his clients. Understanding each individual's set of unique circumstances, core values, and goals is at the center of his approach. From there, he and the Fox Financial team work to build a personalized plan that will grow and adapt to meet his clients' goals and create peace-of-mind around their financial journey.
Solid trust, confident decision-making, and a clearly-articulated strategy are key. To that end, Alexander ensures that his clients have a thorough understanding of each recommended strategy, and incorporates regular reviews and refinements of each plan throughout the year.
Alexander believes that ongoing professional development is a responsibility, and is consistently participating in many courses; pursuing new certifications that enable him to better serve his clients. He is currently en-route to his Chartered Investment Manager designation, which will allow him to further specialize in high-level investment strategies tailored to affluent clients and conduct discretionary portfolio management services on his clients' behalf.
Alongside his professional development, Alexander believes in a commitment to one's community and he devotes several hours each week to mentoring aspiring students and tutoring for low-income families. He is also a member of Advocis - the Financial Advisors Association of Canada - and volunteers with Boyle Street Community Services each year. Alexander currently lives in Edmonton with his wife.